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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hey, sorry everyone for going a-wall. I've had a crazy hectic life but I know its only gonna get crazier so I better start learning to manage it!! I'm going to try to stay committed to updating this to the best of my ability with a full time job as well as being a full time mom and wife :)  I need 6 more clones of me please!! alright! well here is my first update! my new website which I will be posting a permanent link to on my blog. it is still under construction and it is an ecommerce website but the selling feature are not fully functional because I do not pay the monthly subscription yet >_<. which  I didn't realize all the ins and outs until it was already up and running...SO! hopefully once I am financially stable I can put that into motion! but everything on there IS for sale so if anyone is interested PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a hold of me via e-mail!!! which is plastered everywhere! like right here!! *** amber_hughesus@yahoo.com *** so no excuses :) alright imma try to post once a week so hold me to it everyone!!! and here's my site :)

website:   http://amberhughesus.wix.com/makiartsillustrations

I also have a smartphone app but I will post that a little later!

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